We are proud to inform you that as of 1 January 2017 we are launching a new company under the name Gołębiowska Krawczyk Roszkowski i Partnerzy Sp. P. (GKR Legal).

For nearly 20 years each of the founders of GKR Legal, i.e. legal counsel Anna Gołębiowska, attorney-at-law Rafał Roszkowski and attorney-at-law Tomasz Ludwik Krwaczyk had been gaining valuable experience in providing legal advice to entrepreneurs. For many years we have contributed to the success of one of the largest Polish law firms, as of 2008 also as its partners.

The time has come to realise that we are now at the most of our professional robustness and we want to give rise to a new enterprise, one which we ourselves will be entirely and exclusively responsible for. That was the idea behind the establishment of GKR Legal.

Our mission is to provide legal services in a transparent manner.

We view transparency primarily as giving our Clients clear and practical answers to the difficult questions they bring us. We also want to be transparent in the way we act, and we want the Client to always be aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. From the perspective of business cooperation we understand transparency as simple, clear and understandable settlement for our work.

Our goal is to build a relationship with each of our Clients based on mutual trust and partnership. We want to remain open to the voice of the marketplace, respond to the needs of business entities and effectively tailor our services to them.

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